5G: Measuring the Evolving Investment Landscape

5G: Measuring the Evolving Investment Landscape

8th October 2020, 2pm BST / 9am EST

With the focus of digital infrastructure investment in fibre, towers and data centres, investors often ask ‘what about 5G?’. In this panel discussion, our speakers will share their knowledge on the opportunities and potential risks from the 5G networks being deployed today and if ultimately 5G could be included in the digital infrastructure asset class.

  • How will 5G impact fibre, towers and datacentres business models, and how are companies positioning to take advantage?
  • What structures are emerging in terms of 5G wholesale networks, how could they be funded?
  • How does the broader 5G story impact industry structure, what does that mean for stakeholders and current business models?
Moderator and speakers

October 8th Session


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