Assessing the Race to Full Fibre Coverage and Investment

Assessing the Race to Full Fibre Coverage and Investment

10th September 2020, 3pm BST / 10am EST

Buoyed by the general push towards full fibre penetration in key markets, Europe's fibre sector is hot, with soaring EBITDA multiples and a multitude of new investment plans and M&A underway. This panel discussion brings together leading operators and investors in the sector to discuss the opportunities facing the industry.

  • How are new investments and consolidation changing shaping the future European fibre network?
  • Are we going to see in-market rationalisation and cross-border consolidation?
  • How is the profile of investors changing?
  • Will the fibre JV trend continue in near future?
  • What does the exit strategy look like for infra investors?
  • How are telco carve outs of fibre assets proceeding and what is in store in the mid-term?
  • How are operators feeling in terms of subsidies, regulation and support from governments?


EY-Parthenon Panel Discussion


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